This year’s edition of the Rail Industry Guide to Safety is supported by the Rail Track Association of Australia, Australasian Railway Association and the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation. Rail, track and network operators are provided with essential safety information with topics in this edition covering the ARA’s Rail Industry Worker Program (RIW) – the national competency and safety management system for rail workers; the TrackSafe RAILRES App – a free self-help resource supporting mental health and trauma management; mental health and wellbeing – signs and symptoms and benefits of a mentally healthy workplace; asset management State requirements based on the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL).
The Guide includes AR (augmented reality) digitally interactive content, which transforms it into an more engaging resource where users can access additional information such as videos, via the free Pro-Vis AR app, and view on their smart device.
The Guide is distributed to rail companies, leading rail corporations as well as educational and training institutes across Australia.