The AR Interactive Mining Industry Guide to Workplace Safety is supported by the Australian Resources & Energy Employer Association (AREEA), the Minerals Industry Safety & Health Centre (MISHC)Mates in Mining and the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) Foundation.It is a vital annual free resource available to all mine operators to help ensure workplaces continue to work towards Zero Harm.
The augmented reality (AR) feature of the Guide enables users to access additional information via the free Pro-Vis AR App enhancing the visu-al experience, making learning more memorable and helping to build skills.
Topics in this year’s Guide cover:
  • Aggressive Workplace Behaviour;
  • Hydraulic Equipment Safety;
  • Safety in Small Mines, Open Pits and Quarries;
  • Working in Extreme Heat;
  • Mental Health and Support.
The Guide is distributed to mineral and mining companies and contractors, registered mines, quarries, mineral works and cement works, as well as training and educational institutes across Australia.