The AR Interactive Automotive Mechanics Guide to Workplace Safety is supported by the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME), the Australasian Automotive Transmission Rebuilders (AATR), the Australian Autoglass Industry Alliance (AAIA) and the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation (NSCA).
The Guide provides a selection of safety topics applicable to the automotive industry, which this year includes:
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing – Psychosocial Risks and Management; Staff Morale and Managing Depression and Anxiety;
  • Working with Electric Vehicles – The Risks and Safe Practices; Working Safely with ADAS Systems.
  • Revised Standard for Electric Vehicle Safety – AS5732:2022 Electric Vehicle Operations – Maintenance & Repair – specifies requirements and guidance on safe and appropriate handling procedures for those working in the mechanical repair sector.
  • Emergency Protocols – Emergency and Evacuation Plans; First Aid Equipment; Fire Equipment.
The free Pro-Vis AR App gives access to the digitally interactive Augmented Reality (AR) tool that creates a portal to further information and resources, enhancing the learning experience for users and making safety information more memorable, leading to greater safety outcomes.
The Guide is distributed to automotive engineers and repairers, dealership centres (service and parts), VACC & TACC accredited automotive repairers, RAA authorised repairers as well as training and educational institutes.