Pro-Visual Publishing is the leading specialist in AR interactive wall mounted health, safety and wellbeing information resource guides, and has been growing its industry base steadily for over 25 years.
​Our AR interactive guides are designed to inform, motivate, educate and above all to keep people safe by addressing legislated responsibilities and correct safety practices and standards across each industry we service.

Our Guides

Our portfolio includes over 40 industry specific information resource guides for Australia and New Zealand. Over 180,000 guides are distributed each year at no cost, thanks to our sponsors.
Our team works closely with health and safety organisations, industry bodies and experts to research and document the most relevant, up-to-date information for each guide. To ensure accuracy, each guide is refreshed annually with vital health and safety advice, legislation updates and new engaging artwork.
Inspired by the growing popularity of Augmented Reality (AR), Pro-Visual Publishing has incorporated this exciting technology into our guides to produce something truly extraordinary.
AR enhances the physical, real-world environment by overlaying digital objects that are viewed through a smart phone or tablet. This is achieved by computer-generated sensory such as sound, graphics, video or GPS data.
As each AR capable guide is rolled out, industries will be able to engage their audiences in an entertaining and interactive way. The AR component on each guide will unlock a new dimension to education, a new way to absorb information and an alternative approach to achieve better safety outcomes.
A diverse range of organisations sponsor Pro-Visual Publishing’s guides, allowing them to be received by those who need them without cost.
By sponsoring the guides, organisations are able to show their commitment to health, safety and wellbeing. They also gain a useful platform to reach their customer market and maintain 12 months of widespread, constant exposure.
Pro-Visual Publishing’s guides are not only an invaluable safety resource, but also a highly effective marketing tool.
The guides provide an easy and informative way for businesses to ensure that vital health and safety information is highly visible and readily available to all employees. We receive a phenomenal amount of positive feedback from business owners and managers telling us how grateful they are to receive this specialised, high quality resource.
The guides are a proven, solid approach to attracting the attention of personnel, at all levels, educating and motivating them to meet higher standards in the workplace and when working within the community.
Mission Statement
“Leading the world in health, safety and wellbeing information.”
Pro-Visual Publishing aims to bring industry, business and community together in order to protect, educate and encourage health, safety and wellbeing standards throughout the world.
With a legacy spanning 91 years NSCA Foundation provides members with expert work health and safety support when you need it most.
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